Because your quarantine coffee shouldn't have to be boring.

If you're like me, when it came to stocking up on quarantine supplies, coffee was a must. Many of us can't survive a Tuesday without caffeine, let alone a pandemic. I hope you grabbed some instant coffee grounds while you were at the store.

It's time to make creamy coffee!

You may have seen this on social media. It's coffee that is made from three simple ingredients and apparently originated in South Korea. People Magazine says it's called "Dalgona" which totally sounds like something from Game of Thrones, so we're in!

All you need is equal parts instant coffee (the stuff what makes coffee when you add hot water, not beans or grounds), sugar and boiling water. Pour all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and use a hand mixer to whip it up until it's a beautiful frothy mixture with a caramel color. You can certainly mix it by hand with a whisk, but it will take a little longer and you may work up a sweat.

Once you've got your frothy mixture, you can either drink it as is or add your favorite cream or flavored syrup.

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