I have been getting a hard time from family and co-workers about my newly acquired fidget spinner. Everyone always says "those are the stupidest things on earth," or " what? are you 12 years old?"

Okay, yeah I get it. They are the hottest trend since the "Pet Rock." But, in my defense, I do find them somewhat therapeutic. I do fidget ALL DAY. Thanks to the fidget spinner, the radio station is saving money on all the paper clips I straighten out every day. (NO LIE approximately 12-16 perfectly straight metal rods per day)

Everyone who steps into the studio to find the spinner, always has to comment, but immediately starts to play with it. They can't keep their hands off of it. But the "fun" only last for so long. It only occupies your brain for a short time. Eventually you are going to have to find another way to play with your fidget spinner. We should do what any true Wyomingite would do. WHY NOT WEAPONIZE IT?

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