This is definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time and having your camera recording video. It's an epic moment shared by a hunter showing a big buck shedding his antlers.

This is not new, but has been making the rounds again and is worth checking out if you haven't seen it already. Jeff Enns was the guy who picked the exact right time to record video of a buck.

Here's how the guy described his now famous video capture:

I was filming this deer and as he started to run he dropped his left side, bedded down after running 400 yds, I stalked behind a small brush and waited 25 minutes until the buck decided to start running again and shaking off his right side with the drop tine.

It's no secret that bucks shed antlers all the time, but it's not often you see that moment captured on camera. If this doesn't inspire you to want to hit the backcountry on a shed hunt, nothing will.

As Bone Collector mentions, bucks tend to shed their antlers between January and April with the most mature bucks being rid of them by the end of February. When you see the antlers fall, you know that spring can't be that far away. Maybe.

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