It goes without saying, Fall doesn't stick around very long. Fall comes into the Cowboy State, just long enough for us to be excited, put on some flannel and boots, grab a cup of coffee that you'll hold with both hands, and then, just like Thanos' finger snap, it's over.

It's not fair. Winter overstays it's welcome. The Old Man will come in and sit in the corner until, what, June? We can't get his little brother, Fall to stay long enough for us to give him a cool nickname other than Autumn. I'm here for the cider, brown leaves, and scary movies. There's such a small window and now is the time to enjoy it. I know, I hate it, too. But these are the cards we're dealt.

How long is this Fall weather going to last? Probably a week or two. It's peak Fall. The National Weather Service in Cheyenne is sure to jinx us with social media posts like this.

You're going to scare Fall off! Come on! You cant come out of the gate like that with "Fall Weather". Old Man Winter will bust in and think it's his time.

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With that said, let's go ahead and take a step back. Make plans within the next week to have some fall fun, head to a pumpkin patch, drink a bunch of cider, have a bonfire, go to the mountains and see the fall colors, whatever your favorite parts of Fall are, make sure you celebrate before it's gone.

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