This week, a Denver website published a funny story on a fake video game called "Colfax". Their description is, "Dodging panhandlers, and skin infections has never been more fun. Collect cigarettes, dive bar tokens, and communicable diseases on this crack-tastic family game.

We wonder if a video game could be called Interstate 80. You can picture it now:

"Dodge 18 wheelers as they cut you off coming down the Vedauwoo pass."

"Shoot wildlife on the road as you drive near Fort Bridger."

"Navigate safely in 120 mile per hour headwinds outside of Rawlins."

"Stock up on booze and M-80s at the Liquor and Fireworks Outlet in Evanston."

"Try to stay awake driving through the night between Cheyenne and Pine Bluffs."

"Dodge Wyoming Highway Patrol busting potheads smuggling weed from Colorado."

Introducing Interstate 80: the video game. Hold on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride.

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