We have a beautiful gem of a town. You might be better to relocate to Chugwater or Buford. I personally think another state would fit you better.

Folks in the military may have a hard time in new locations, and it looks like Wyoming is no exception. But is this person's experience an exception to the norm?

The Rants and Raves section of Craigslist showed the frustration of “an outsider” trying to get along with the tight-knit locals in Pinedale, Wyoming, where a “locals first” attitude is making a new resident and future employer miserable.

The writer has been all over the Western US, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq but has been met with major attitude at several local businesses in Pinedale.

“So if you've ever wondered why the economy in Pinedale has been oppressed for nearly 8 years, or why the house next door to you has been on the market for nearly 2 years, or why your property value has dropped nearly 50% since 2009, look no further than the attitude toward "outsiders".”


Then came the response, presumably from a Pinedale local that seems to confirm a sour attitude:

“We try hard here and we have a beautiful gem of a town. You might be better to relocate to chugwater or buford. I personally think another state would fit you better.

And then there was another response:

“We moved to Pinedale last summer and the locals love to put down "outsiders". It's terrible and we have never been anywhere in the USA where the locals are so rude, abusive and just outright mean.”


“Think about it, the locals shit on "outsiders", the locals shit on tourists, so why would anyone want to come here to visit or live?”


I was blown away at this situation. If true, it is about as ugly a scene as I can conceive of in such a beautiful area. Are these people colder than winter weather, again, if true? Tourism is important for the economy, but the January 2017 Craigslist posts would have us believe they don’t care.

Knowing the vast majority of Wyomingites are solid, salt of the earth people, I find it very difficult to believe, but I haven’t been Pinedale in a long time. Having moved to Wyoming from Colorado, I never got so much as a whiff of the “greenie” treatment here in the Cowboy State.

What has your experience been and do you think this is an accurate representation of Pinedale? The video I have embedded here says the residents are “friendly and approachable.” Could it be wrong?

Just asking.

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