According to at least one media outlet, the best doughnuts in Wyoming are located in a town with under 1,000 people. tells us that Wyoming's doughnut capital is... Delish Doughnuts in Alpine.

Alpine is roughly a 50 minute drive north of Jackson and boasts several highly reviewed restaurants, including Yankee Doodle's Cafe, The Nordic Inn and Brenthoven's Restaurant, Bull Moose Lodge and Saloon, The Old Yellowstone Garage Restaurant, and Driftwood Pizzeria, all of which have at least four stars on Google Reviews.

Delish Doughnuts is in that category with four and a half out of five stars, however they've only been reviewed 13 times.

Delish not only does standard doughnuts, they do a crowd pleasing mini-doughnut as well as sandwiches, coffee, and tea.

Check out more details about why Only In Your State thinks Delish is the best doughnut spot in Wyoming, and let us know if you've ever tried it, or know one that beats it.

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