Are you prepared for the lawn mowing season?

My lawnmower and myself were both not quite ready to cut the the deep Cheyenne grass. After a trip to the repair shop, my mower's all ready, but I'm still hoping for another snow.

Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

If your lawnmower, trimmer or even snow blower needs a tune-up or repair there are several small engine shops around Cheyenne that could help. I chose a local shop, conveniently located on Cheyenne Street, that fixed up my Craftsman mower quickly and easily.

Kin's Repair, 3903 Cheyenne St., has been operating out of Suite A for eleven years now. Owner Bob Notch says he was in business for about 7 years before that. Along with repairing lawnmowers, chainsaws and other small engines, Bob also collects, cuts and sells firewood and turns some of those tree trunks into usable works of art.

You might have seen Top Notch Carvings at our Home & Garden Show. Bob carves statues of bears and other creatures with his chainsaws and makes very unique and natural bird houses and feeders. He has a few on display in a room next to his repair shop. On a sunny day, you might even catch Bob working on a new creation in the yard along Cheyenne Street.