Psst…got a secret contest just for you, to say thanks for listening to 101.9 KING-FM and 106.3 Cowboy Country.

It’s simple – just listen for us to say hello to YOU, weekdays between 8 & 8:15, noon and 12:15, and between 4 and 4:15.

When you hear your name, you’ve got the remainder of the hour to check in with our front desk at 307-632-4400. Make it happen, and we’ll slide you $100 worth of delicious food & drink at The Suite Bistro & Martini Bar in historic Downtown Cheyenne.

It’s that simple – hear your name, call and let us know, and win.

Remember, this is casual and just between us – the DJ won’t mention the contest or talk about the prize since this isn’t for the general public. It’s just a simple hello, and your chance to score some insider loot while you’re listening. Sound good? Good luck – and thanks for listening to 101.9 KingFM and 106.3 Cowboy Country!

Remember: it starts today!

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