Have you noticed birds going crazy in the street as you're stopped at a traffic light?

It's miller time, those birds are risking their lives to enjoy a smorgasbord of insects heading to the high country.

It's time for the annual migration of miller moths to the mountains where it's cooler.

Our warmer than usual weather has prompted the winged insects to start seeking lower temperatures early, normally they begin closer to June.

It's not only the millers moving early, you might have noticed more butterflies around too. The warm weather has caused many flowers to bloom ahead of their regular time, attracting more insects.

If you happen to get some millers inside your house, there's an easy way to catch them. (Thanks to Wally for reminding me of this quick remedy)

Fill a pie tin or shallow dish with soapy water (the dish soap keeps their wings from repelling the water), then turn on a desk lamp or other light over the water and the miller moths will be attracted there to meet their demise.