Josh Allen may not spend a lot of time on social media, but he’s still aware of what’s going on. At least, he knows enough that when a team is throwing shade at him, he can recognize it…and use that to his own advantage. 

Earlier in the season, it was reported on Football Night in America on NBC that Josh Allen was not going to be paying attention to critics this season, but rather he would be spending his time focusing on other things. (For example: after the Jets game, Josh spent time watching poker on YouTube.)

Although Josh Allen is focusing more on the game, he knows when a team is slighting him. 

And when the Miami Dolphins arrived in Buffalo over the weekend, it was very clear that they were not pleased to be ranked as the underdogs going into the game. 

In fact, the Dolphins felt so strongly against that “underdog” ranking that they decided to send a message with their outfits as they got off the plane in Buffalo, New York. 

A bunch of the players were wearing shirts with the *thinking* emoji on them, as if to question who was the true underdog going into the game. 

Well, one Buffalo Beat Down later, I’m sure they feel foolish for wearing the shirts, but Josh Allen threw a subtle diss to the Dolphins after running 11 yards to land a touchdown of his own. 

Josh Allen immediately looked at the camera, and he gave his own *thinking* expression. 

I mean, you love to see it. 

You really do. 

Let’s watch that touchdown and the celebration one more time. 

That’s exactly the momentum we need heading into our London game this week. Let’s go, Buffalo! 

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