A photo on social media seems to have “broken the internet” after some new football fans got ahold of it. 

But you already know that if Josh Allen had a photo like this out there, the Bills Mafia would be all over it. 

Two NFL Couples That Everyone Keeps Talking About

There are two NFL couples that everyone keeps talking about, and you probably already know who it is: Josh Allen & Hailee Steinfeld, and Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift

While word of Josh’s relationship with Hailee was out there before everyone got a hint of #Traylor, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have taken the world by storm. 

Public Appearances From #TRAYLOR

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have appeared on Saturday Night Live together, attended the post party for that, riding into the night in a convertible after a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead, and walking hand in hand out of games, to name a few. But when you think about Josh & Hailee, the public appearances have been kept mostly under the radar. 

Josh & Hailee Spotted Together

There are people who have spotted Josh & Hailee, but they seem to lead more private lives. Yes, they have gone out to eat at restaurants in Western New York and vacationed together in Mexico, but Josh Allen talked about how the photos that were leaked made him feel when he was on the podcast called Pardon My Take.  

“I just, like, felt this gross feeling…Insecurity. No privacy. Like, ‘What is wrong with people?’” Josh said. 

Totally understandable on his part…you should be able to have some kind of private life, even if you are in the spotlight. 

So I think most Bills fans know that this may be unlikely, but there’s no doubt that it would drive the Mafia crazy (for love!). 

Josh & Hailee may be more reserved than Travis & Taylor, and that’s fine – but one of the reasons that people keep talking about the latter couple is because they are embracing public appearances left and right. 

I’m not saying Josh & Hailee have to, but if they did, I am sure there would be a similar reaction. 

The Photo That Broke The Internet

Many Swifties are calling it “the photo that broke the internet” after Mecole Hardman Jr.’s girlfriend, Chariah Gordon, shared a picture of them and Tayvis on Instagram. 

So many people started commenting, hyping up Chariah for sharing the picture. 

“girl woke up today and thought ‘today im gonna be swifties superhero’” @juliaf_almeidaa


“Not the journalist we thought we’d get but the journalism we deserved 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼” @marissasayswhat

But then there were other people concerned for Travis and Taylor’s privacy. 

“Think she asked Taylor if it was ok to post? 👏👏” @torimariie

I would imagine it is a tough balance between celebrity life and personal life, but it seems like Josh and Hailee have it figured out. Despite the Bills Mafia wanting to see Josh and Hailee happy in a picture like that, posted by a fellow teammate on the Bills, it doesn’t look like that will be happening soon. 

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