Our QB 1 is becoming a hot commercial commodity before our very eyes.

As the Buffalo Bills started getting better and better and Josh Allen’s status as a top quarterback in the NFL began to rise, so did his star power. Bills fans knew it was only a matter of time before he became a bona fide bankable bankable celebrity. 

Over the years, he’s graduated from schlepping for local car dealerships with Steve Tasker to getting rid of his beard (and mildly freaking us out) in a national ad for Gillette. He’s even this year’s face of one of the most famous video games in the world, Madden 2024.

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Now, Allen has been tapped by another massive brand to star in their latest commercial - one that we’re sure we’ll see on repeat throughout the season.

Josh Allen To Star In New Verizon Commercial

Yup - our quarterback is now a spokesperson for one of the biggest cellular and internet companies on the planet.

Josh Allen makes a cameo in the newest commercial for Verizon, telling a man (who is creepily hiding in his neighbors’ bushes to watch TV through their window) about Verizon’s latest plan with NFL Sunday Ticket. After he and the nosy neighbor are spotted through the window, hilarity ensues. 

Josh Allen commercial

Honestly - we think it’s pretty good! Unlike the Josh Allen of the past who looked a little stiff in front of the camera, he seems relaxed and comfortable (and funny!) in this latest Verizon spot. Maybe his rumored new girlfriend gave him a few acting tips before the cameras started rolling?

Some members of #BillsMafia may think he’s selling out by being a spokesperson for these big-name brands, but what can you do? Allen is officially a star, and companies want him to sell their stuff.

(The ad is also ironic considering the spotty Verizon cell service we get here in Western New York, but we won’t blame the guy for not turning down the gig.)

We say make that money, #17! We’d call and tell you that ourselves, but Verizon would probably drop the call.

Check out Josh Allen’s funny role in the latest Verizon commercial below:

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