Even though the Buffalo Bills game got postponed, it’s still going to be a snow game when they face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. Highmark Stadium has already requested shovelers to make their way to Orchard Park to help clear the snow, but that doesn’t mean that all the snow will be cleared by the time kickoff rolls around. 

In fact, there may be enough snow left in the stands to form snowballs, but try to resist the urge to do so. Remember: it can actually cause the Bills to receive a penalty, and Josh Allen does not want that. 

Remember when…last season when Bills fans decided to throw snowballs towards the end zone when the Miami Dolphins were on offense trying to score.

I happened to be at that game, and I saw some Miami Dolphins fans retaliating by throwing snowballs when the Bills were on offense, so take that as you will. 

However, snowballs are an absolute no-go…especially when it comes to obstruction of play. 

Highmark Stadium asked fans to please stop throwing snowballs…because Josh requested it first. If you did choose to throw them, you would have been the subject of ejection and arrest

Clay Moden, the PA Announcer for the Buffalo Bills, announced that a snowball could lead to a 15-yard penalty against the Bills – should the snowball hit a player.

It may have started as a fun moment for Bills fans, throwing snowballs and embracing the weather, but it quickly turned into something that could potentially change the course of the game. 

Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen wants to win every game he plays, and he didn’t want to risk a 15-yard penalty, so he got involved in trying to stop the throwing of snowballs. 

You can hear Moden announcing over the PA, “Fans, listen to Josh. Please stop throwing snowballs.”

It seems like there were less snowballs being thrown after Josh stepped in, waving his arms in an indication to stop. 

I’m all for playing in the snow, but maybe we should be more like these guys: 

You’re never too old to play in the snow, and but maybe there are better ways to go about it when you’re at a Bills game. 

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