Who knew this photo even existed?

It’s no secret that Jim Kelly is Buffalo royalty, and in the eyes of Bills Mafia members around the world, Kelly is King.

After being named to five pro-bowls and receiving first-team All Pro honors in 1991, Kelly became known as one of the best players that have ever worn a Buffalo Bills uniform. He is one of three players to ever have his number retired by the Bills organization, but there is one quarterback who is making strides to be remembered in the same way. 

Josh. Allen. 

He’s our quarterback, but many people refer to Josh as “the G.O.A.T.,” which is why this picture is so funny. 

Someone dug up an old photo of Jim Kelly when he was younger, and they captioned it with “Picture of Jim Kelly holding a young Josh Allen.”

Obviously, it’s not the real Josh Allen, but it’s a funny picture, especially considering that we call him our G.O.A.T.

He’s already setting franchise records for the Bills franchise, for single-season passing yards and touchdowns, and there is still so much of his career ahead of him…including a long-awaited Super Bowl win.

And the best part is that Jim Kelly is so supportive of Josh Allen. You can hear him talk about Josh’s success here.  

Go Bills!. 

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