The Wyoming Highway Patrol has started this new campaign in which they publicly make examples of vehicles who have exceeded the speed limit.

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On Sunday, the WHP posted to their social media that they pulled over a semi truck for going 97 MPH in a 75 MPH zone. This event took place in an area called 'The Sisters' which, the Highway Patrol wrote, is known for being extremely slick and dangerous.

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Similarly, the Highway Patrol recently posted another example of a vehicle exceeding the posted speed limit - this time a van in an area populated with deer.

"Monday night, a WHP Trooper stopped a speeding van on I-80 east of Evanston, Wyoming," the WHP wrote in a Facebook post. "The Trooper's radar clocked the motorist at 110 mph. In addition to speeding, the Trooper discovered the driver did not have a valid license. In the end, a $235 ticket was issued."

The WHP noted that the Trooper noticed there were many deer in the area at the time of the traffic stop.

"WHP would like to remind drivers to obey the speed limit, be aware of wildlife and never drive faster than conditions allow," the Highway Patrol concluded.

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