Wyoming has been the inspiration to many artists of all ages.

The art scene in Wyoming is incredibly large, and can be spotted in every small town, larger city, state or national park and driving on any road in the state.

When visitors come to Wyoming, they don't have to look far to find scenery that makes you want to take out your camera and make that memory last forever. Rather than take a picture, some artists would rather break out the sketch book and draw their inspiration.

That's exactly what happened with 12-year-old Yellowstone National Park visitor, Kylie. While exploring the park, Kylie was inspired to draw some of the wildlife that can be found in the park. After completing the work of art, she shared it with a park ranger and the park shared it with the world.

According to Huggies, most kids start their first drawing when they're 12-18months. For some, drawing, doodling, and creating art will continue through their pre-teen years. As you can see from her drawing, Kylie, has a great eye for detail and may have a future as an artist.

Wyoming artist have used the landscape of the Cowboy State to create jaw-dropping photography, paintings, drawings and sculptures. You can tell when you visit cities like Casper, Cheyenne, Jackson, Riverton, Pinedale, Lander, Gillette, Cody and others, that art is extremely important to the layout of Wyoming's culture.

With talented young artists being inspired by Wyoming, the art future looks like it's going to be quite bright.

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