It's surprising how many people around the country don't know much about the great state of Wyoming.

It's not just surprising; it's also quite frustrating when you read things on the internet that don't represent the state well and cast an ugly shadow. I told you about the cool guide on Reddit that named what each state was "best at."  They said Wyoming was best for having the 'lowest rate of Syphilis.' After I read that, I went on an internet research trip to find other things people say about Wyoming.

Some of the stuff people say about it isn't great, and a whole group on Reddit is trying to disprove it even exists. The Reddit group is called 'Wyoming Doesn't Exist.' There are over 35,000 members, and most of the information, if you want to call it information, is bogus. I get that Wyomingites would like to keep the state's population where it is, but some of the stuff said on that site is pretty mean.

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After reading what people think about Wyoming and knowing they're wrong. I wanted to ensure people knew about some of the great things Wyoming should be known for, not just low Syphilis numbers. My problem isn't finding good things to share; it's choosing what to share. So I decided to give out ten facts that will hopefully let people know that Wyoming does exist and it's awesome. 

10 Awesome Facts About Wyoming

Wyoming may have under 600,000 residents, but it's one of the greatest states in the country.

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