Waking up and getting the day started is tough for many kids and with school back in session. Getting the kids back into the a routine is hard, not just for the kids, but for mom and dad too.

After a summer break that allowed some kids to sleep longer, eat worse than during the school year and play all day, getting them back into a routine is likely going to be hard.

Finding a routine that works for everyone may take a couple weeks. Finding the perfect wake-up times, rotating the kids in and out of the bathroom, getting the backpacks together, fixing lunches, making sure everyone has shoes on and other morning tasks you're presented with. According to healthy children.org, when you're putting that routine in place, adding breakfast should be a top priority.

There are quite a few reasons why breakfast is important

  • Eating in the morning will help kick-start your kids metabolism
  • Having a morning meal will keep the kids from over-eating later in the day
  • Test scores and general school work performance are on a higher level
  • Concentration is easier after having breakfast.
  • Memory, brain function and being able to pay attention are all heightened

These reasons aren't only for kids, adults can benefit from eating breakfast too. Fueling your body before a long day is a good idea for anyone.

Use these tips to make breakfast easier on you and your entire family.

  • Make bedtime earlier so waking up earlier to have time for breakfast is easier.
  • Eat breakfast as a family whenever possible
  • Breakfast food doesn't always have to be lame and the same as everyone eats. It doesn't have to be cereal, eggs or oatmeal. Try serving foods your kids enjoy, to ensure they eat.
  • Prepare breakfast the night before. Spending a little time in the evening will save time in the morning

Actually, even if you don't have kids, these tips are really helpful to ensure you're starting your day with a little extra fuel in your tank.

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