When you live in a state like Wyoming, it's easy to forget how much beauty is actually here. It's such a huge attraction that millions of people come to visit this state every year.

Huge mountain ranges, incredible parks, outstanding water sources, large amounts of wildlife and unbelievable adventures are all part of the draw and appeal.

Personally, I'll never not be blown away by what Wyoming has to offer. There's so many things to see and experience here, that it would take you more than a lifetime to see it all.

When people come to visit us, you can guarantee that when they leave, they're jealous of what we get to look at and live in every day.

Found Format is a pair of filmakers named Steven Cleveland and Kyle Kadow. They are the brains and talent behind many music videos, commercials, films and other collaborations. They recently put out a video about a trip to Wyoming from last July.

When you watch the video, you can see the excitement that was being felt when exploring around the state. There's no doubt Wyoming love was found during this trip.

If you ever had any thoughts of wanting to leave here or had doubts of the beauty, this video is all you need to watch to convince yourself that you live in paradise.

The video is titled

Wyoming // A Reverence

Sit back, relax and enjoy the best 2 minutes and 41 second video about Wyoming's beauty.

Wyoming // A Reverence from found format on Vimeo.

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