The 4th of July is the day set aside to celebrate the Independence of the United States. Every year America celebrates with the help of barbecues, alcohol, summer fun and fireworks.

Even though fireworks are illegal in some states, town, or counties, neighborhoods sound like a war zone. There's a pretty good chance that you have a pet that dreads the 4th of July.

Sure you're not meaning harm to those pets by celebrating, but the stress can be too much for many of those pets.

July 5th of 2022, pets reported missing to Paw Boost, was 114% higher than the normal day. Remember social media is a great place to let others know your pet is missing. Facebook pages like Casper's Lost Pets, Mills WY Pets: Lost and Found, or Lost Pets Wyoming are great resources.

Lost Pets

So what can you do if you're a pet parent? Plan ahead.

Getting ahead of the situation is the best thing for you and your pet. Chances are that if you're a seasoned pet owner, you know how your pet will react and what you need to do. For those that've recently rescued a pet or a Santa brought the kids a puppy at Christmas, you may have not had to experience the chaos that can ensue the first pop of fireworks.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Get your pet tags and have them chipped (if they're not already)
  • Have a great, high quality, picture of your pet
  • Over exercise your pet earlier in the day, if they're tired, they're more likely to sleep and be more relaxed
  • When the fireworks begin, secure your pet inside the house. Windows, doors and gates closed and locked.
  • Give your pet their own safe spot inside the home where they can retreat for comfort
  • Calm your pet with familiar, relaxing noises your pet enjoys. Playing music or a white noise

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