If you have a smartphone, you probably have some social media. If you have social media, you probably rely on it to get information. Over the last few years, we have become more aware of the influence of social media sites, and most people know that you have to take much of what you read with a grain of salt.

That doesn't mean good information cannot be found on social media. A recent PrePly study shows that when people want to learn, they use social media. The average person will spend over five hours per week learning on social media.

I know. You just said:

"I never learn anything on social media," or "I use social media to connect with family and friends."

I get it; I'm the same. However, when I want a new recipe, I search for one on Reddit. If I'm looking for an easy fix for something, I'll hit YouTube. I'm always looking for new destinations to visit, so I certainly will ask people on Facebook.

That all falls under the 'learning' category. Sometimes, social media is beneficial.

Take a look at what most people learn thanks to social media.

Surprise Places Wyomingites Learn The Most Online

In Wyoming, social media preferences seem to change every year, but the fact that we use social media as an outlet to learn doesn't change. Learning what someone is up to, how to cook or bake something new, how to change the tire on your car, what punishment you should use for something your kid did, and how the roads are in a winter storm are all good examples of learning, thanks to social media.

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