Water can lead to many scary situations, especially if your vehicle is submerged. It's estimated that just under 400 people per year die from drowning after their vehicle went into the water.

I remember nothing in my driver's education classes that taught me what to do if my car was in the water. Sure, that may not be a situation you'll ever be in, but it could be if you live close to water.

We know about people driving onto the ice and their cars breaking through yearly. Most people know what to do if you fall through the ice, but not if your car enters the water.

With the possibility of flooding during the spring, the chance of a vehicle/ water situation increases. Are you prepared, and do you know what to do?

Adventures with a Purpose is a dive team to help families search for someone who has gone missing underwater. They would much rather not have to offer these services, so they've made informative videos to show you how to increase your chance of survival.

Things to remember and practice if you need to escape a submerged vehicle.

  • Unfasten your seatbelt and roll down the window as fast as you can.
  • Do not waste your time trying to open the door. (water pressure will prevent this)
  • If you can't roll the window down, use a special window-breaking tool or a heavy object with a pointed tip to break it.
  • Push the kids out of the car first and only then leave it yourself. (Best if you can hold onto your kids)
  • Remember that every second counts, as you'll only have about a minute to do what you should before the car sinks completely underwater.
  • Memorize the sequence: "Unfasten the seat belt, lower the window, climb out of the car."
  • If you have kids, leave the car once you've gotten them out, for there is no going back once you leave the car yourself.
  • If you can't get through the window, wait until the car fills with water and open the door. The rising air bubbles will lead you to the surface.

Check out their video that gives tips, tricks, and escape science.

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