Rowdy Randy is a bronco-bustin horsefly created by an award-winning Wyoming duo author, Casey Rislov, and illustrator, Zachary Pullen. The successful pair have two books in the series that follow the adventures of Rowdy Randy.

So far, the adventures have ranged from stirring up trouble to starting her own Wild West Show.

Wyoming's most popular horsefly, Rowdy Randy, has another cool feature about her.

She has an official theme song.

The adventures of Rowdy Randy are legendary, and every legend deserves a theme song.

Spiderman, Scooby-Doo, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, The Chipmunks, Inspector Gadget, and Sponge Bob Squarepants have catchy theme songs. So, of course, Wyoming's rebel horsefly, Rowdy Randy, deserves the perfect song.

Lucky for us, Wyoming is home to many great artists—authors, illustrators, actors, and singers. One of those talented singers is Wyoming's One Man Band, Chad Lore. If you've seen Chad perform, you can see this musician, singer, and songwriter's talent, so he's perfect for paying tribute to Wyoming's outlaw horsefly.

Chad is the talent behind the new "Rowdy Randy" theme song. The singer-songwriter has put pen to paper and written the perfect tune to pay tribute to the rowdy, wild, crazy, and adventurous Rowdy Randy.

She's just a lonesome cowgirl with a heart so brave and true.

She sings to her restless roaming spirit til each day is through.

Best tip your hat and step aside if you hear her coming up a draw

From old Cheyenne across the plains, she's the greatest wild-west outlaw.

The catchy tune will have the whole family dancing and singing along.

She's Rowdy, Rowdy Randy

A rustlin', hustlin', bustlin', buzzin', buck-a-roo.

She's Rowdy, Rowdy Randy

You best take cover if you hear her buzzin' around here.

I promise the Rowdy Randy song will be a family favorite on car rides to school, heading to church, going to the grocery store, dropping mail off at the post office, sitting in the car wash, going to grandma's house, or heading out on vacation.

Now, without making you wait any longer...

"Rowdy Randy's Song" by Chad Lore, Wyoming's One Man Band.

If you haven't taken your kids on the Rowdy adventures, you can get more information and books at Casey Rislov 

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