There are things happening in California that are alarming to Wyomingites. Why you ask? People are trying their best to leave California and find somewhere new to live.

According to a recent study from U.C. Berkeley, nearly half of the population of the state are looking to move and that in 2022 there were nearly 700,000 people that left California.

The problem is, one of the places they're looking to move to is Wyoming and there's a website to help in the process.

The website is called Exit The site allows users to choose a destination, offers a relocation assessment and helps them find exactly where would be a great place for them to move.

Unfortunately, Wyoming is one of those destinations that is becoming a popular choice. These are all positive reasons given to consider Wyoming.

  • Cost of living
  • Climate
  • Education
  • Opportunity

The site gives a breakdown of the great parts of Wyoming and how what to start researching to find the areas you may want to move to.

This is some of the information Exit gives about moving to Wyoming

  • When the best time of the year is to move to the state
  • Warns about tourists and how to take that into consideration when choosing a location
  • Gives very vague weather assessments saying it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter
  • Tells of the wide open spaces and when you're driving the site says to make sure you bring water and stay near your car if you stop.
  • You may have to license your pets
  • City choice possibilities - only pointing out Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Gillette and Casper
  • Cost of living estimates
  • Education options for your kids and college options
  • How to change all your information and how to get started in Wyoming before you even get here.

Once you find the areas you're interested, you fill out the relocation assessment form. It only takes about a minute to fill out the form, which asks for your information, the locations you're interested in moving to in Wyoming and where you live now.

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