This week has been a big week for Casper.

Why you ask?


Visit Casper does a great job of getting the word out to the world about how great it is to visit here. It doesn't hurt that Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, Casper Native Logan Wilson, narrates a video about the city and the Bengals have just done a 30 minute documentary video about him and the city he grew up in...Casper, Wyoming! Visit Casper and Logan have teamed up to help the world realize how great Casper is to visit and a little about what it's like to grow up here.

Watch Logan Wilson's Journey From Casper To The NFL
Cincinnati Bengals via YouTube

Logan, who's making a huge impact in the NFL, spent most of his life here in Casper. If you've followed along at all over the last few years, you've heard that Logan played high school football at Natrona County High School, then continued his playing at the University of Wyoming and now into the National Football League with the Cincinnati Bengals.




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Like I mentioned, Logan is making huge waves in professional football. If you've watched any Bengals game this season, be happy you weren't playing the drinking game....Drink when Logan Wilson's name is wouldn't have made it past the 1st quarter.

I tried that game and forced myself to quit after the first series the Bengals defense was on the field. Logan's been like a moth to light all season long. If you were to visit Cincinnati, you'd realize that he's making an impact with the 'Who Dey' nation too. The "Wilson 55" jersey is roaming all over town and there's even a song all about...LOGAN...LO LO LO LOGAN.

When you watch this video, you'll have no doubt that a great upbringing, in a great city, in a great state, can play a major role in who you are, how you work and how others look at you. He's definitely a role model you'll want your kids to look up to.

Keep on rollin', Governor!

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