Ask any deer hunter which wild game meat is the best, they're likely to say deer. Same goes for elk, antelope, moose, rabbit, duck, goose or other game hunters.

Wyoming is one of the lucky states that have MANY different species to hunt. Believe it or not, there are places that don't have many options for animals to hunt. The most common across the country is deer. Duck, goose and turkey are all popular throughout most parts of the country, but don't come close to the deer hunting numbers.

When it comes to eating the meat harvested, families all over the country rely on wild game to keep their freezers full and their families fed. In some cases, you don't have much choice on which wild game meat you prefer. In Wyoming, there is more of a chance you have multiple types of meat in your freezer.

There's no doubt that wild game is a very healthy choice. Especially when you look at Wyoming's most common meat. You can see from this chart provided

Wild Game Nutrition

Since we are right in the middle of hunting seasons, and more opening in the upcoming weeks, we let the people debate over which wild game meat is the best for eating. There is some wild game meat that is more common than others and probably a better chance that people have had the opportunity to eat that meat. Not everyone has the chance to eat moose, bear, goat or bighorn, so you go with what you know.

In our impromptu debate, we clumped the results of mule deer/ whitetail deer into one category and the less common wild game into a combined category. Looking at the chart, it's clear to see that Wyomingites love eating elk.


If your mouth is watering at the thought of a big old elk steak, deer burger or antelope stew, check out these recipes that may give you a whole new bag of tricks when preparing that meat.

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