A few years ago, the T.V. show Yellowstone swept the nation and people all over the world all of a sudden wanted to play cowboy and own a ranch.

Very rarely will you find a ranch, that resembles that of the Dutton's "Yellowstone", and actually have a chance to buy it. That rare opportunity can happen now, though.

A piece of Wyoming's deep history is up for sale. The Pitchfork Ranch in the Meeteetse, WY area has hit the market and is available for that special someone that's ready to take on the life of a rancher.

Your Chance To Own A Beautiful Piece Of Wyoming History
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The Pitchfork Ranch was founded in 1878, which is 12 years before Wyoming became a state, and is HUGE.

The ranch encompasses 96,115 total acres. There are 13,886 deeded acres on the ranch that are dispersed amongst State and BLM leased acreage. This land connects to two Forest Service permits which amount to 44,984 acres. State land makes up 31,600 acres & BLM ground is the remaining 5,645 acres.

This once in a lifetime chance is perfect for someone that wants to take on the lifestyle of a true Wyoming cowboy and rancher. They're selling the ranch as a turnkey operation...yep, you won't have to start from scratch, it's all put together and ready for you to call it home.

Cattle, equipment and LOTS of Wyoming beauty in your backyard.

Now, there is a little bit of a catch. Years of history, a working ranch, thousands of acres, and access to great hunting & fishing, isn't going to be cheap. The listed prices for this incredible piece of Wyoming, is


Incase you're having a problem with all of the zero's... SIXTY SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS.

The ranch's website, Pitchfork Ranch.com tells the story of legendary ranch that began being built by Otto Frank Von Lichtenstein in 1878, and for 33 years he continued to expand, build and mold the historic ranch. In 1903, Otto Frank died unexpectedly and the ranch was purchased by L.G. Phelps. For the next 95 years, the family worked the ranch and it was eventually sold to the Baker family that currently owns the ranch.

When you check out these pictures, you're going to see that there are multiple buildings, including living quarters, guest houses, barns, workshops, corrals, loafing shed and some of the best views of the Absaroka Mountains and the Shoshone National Forest.

Wyoming's Beautiful Pitchfork Ranch For Sale

Wyoming's Beauty Runs Deep In Shoshone National Forest

Photo's of Wyoming's Incredible Northwest Beauty

Gallery Credit: Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

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