As the temperatures begin to warm up, it means tourist season is coming sooner than you might expect. With that, comes the yearly amount tourons that thinks it's okay to film themselves with our wildlife.

While the average Wyomingite knows better, every single year there are multiple tourists that risk life and limb to take selfies with large (and often dangerous animals), like bears and bison, which is why the National Park Service annually reminders travelers on things not to do.

The official National Park Service Instagram account shared this comical (but accurate), screenshot of one their tweets, along with a caption that read:

Think of the paperwork. Remember to treat wildlife with proper caution and respect, plus no one likes an unflattering selfie. The safety of these animals, as well as your safety, depends on everyone using good judgment. In conclusion, choices. Make good ones.

#DontPetTheFluffyCows #KeepWildlifeWild #parksafety #wildlife #nationalparks #NationalParkWeek #greatoutdoors #bison

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Whoever runs the National Park Service's social media accounts deserve a raise, because they often share funny gems, just like this one. If you aren't following them on all their social pages, I'd highly suggest doing it now.

Nation Park Service accounts:

Thank me later.

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