Wyoming is about to get not one, but two fast food chains that have never existed in the state before.

Jack in the Box and Del Taco are coming to Wyoming.

According to a report from Foodservice Equipment Reports:

The brand signed a record-setting 123 new restaurant commitments in fiscal year 2023. Among those were entries into four new states: Arkansas, Florida, Montana and Wyoming. Jack in the Box also has committed to opening 22 units to enter Mexico.

Company-owned Del Taco, meanwhile, has 138 new units on the books in FY 2023—also a record. Del Taco will make new market entries within two of the same states as Jack in the Box (Montana and Wyoming), and one where Jack in the Box already has a presence: Texas. Additionally, the brand has 52 commitments in Florida.

Currently, Jack in the Box has approximately 2,200 restaurants across 22 states, while Del Taco has approximately 600 restaurants across 16 states.

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Unfortunately, at this point, there is no word on which cities could see new restaurants.

While doing research on the article, I also found out a pretty cool fact about Jack in the Box. According to their Wikipedia entry:

While the drive-through concept was not new, Jack in the Box innovated a two-way intercom system, the first major chain to use an intercom and the first to focus on drive-through. The intercom allowed much faster service than a traditional drive-up window; while one customer was being served at the window, a second and even a third customer's order could be taken and prepared. A giant clown projected from the roof, and a smaller clown head sat atop the intercom, where a sign said, "Pull forward, Jack will speak to you." The Jack in the Box restaurant was conceived as a "modern food machine," designed by La Jolla, California master architect Russell Forester

The two fast food giants are related. Del Taco was acquired by the Jack in the Box back in March 2022.

It's always a time for excitement whenever new restaurants make their way into the Cowboy State.

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