Never in a million years did I ever think I would be jealous of a toddler, but I will 100% admit that I am.

A video of a one year boy "driving" a Power Wheels-sized Ford pickup while towing a cute little homemade speedboat has been going viral on Facebook.

The video was shared by RENOJ Drumbeaters Arts & Craft and shows the little tike driving the pickup and expertly backing it up to a lake to get the boat in the water, before speeding away.

After watching the video a little more closely, you can clearly see that both the truck and the boat are being remote controlled by someone offscreen. That being said, it's still super cute.

After doing a little bit of online research, I found out (approximately) where the child lives, his age and his name.

While I was hoping this piece of awesomeness took place in the Cowboy State, alas my hopes would be crushed. The kiddo's name is Liam, he's one year old (at least at the time of the video) and he lives somewhere in New Zealand. He has his own YouTube channel titled Liam's Life.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say this is one of the luckiest one-year old kids on the planet. Also, his father's is a really good RC driver and we also have to give him props for protecting little Liam with the life vest (personal floatation device? It's so hard to keep the terms straight these day).

Regardless, I wish I had toys like that now, let alone when I was his age. Be proud, Liam. A 47-year-old American man wants your life... and you can barely walk!

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