As the water rehabilitation project on Third Street continues, some downtown businesses are feeling washed out. To combat that, they’re offering a game of “Hide and Seek” this week. Laramie Main Street’s campaign is an incentive to get people downtown during this inconvenient time.

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Score Gift Certificates (and Conquer Construction!) By Shopping Downtown Laramie

Main Street has given the impacted businesses $10 gift certificates to hide in their stores. Shoppers are encouraged to visit the businesses and find the hidden certificate treasure. These gift certificates can be used in any downtown business but are hidden in the shops currently affected by construction. Winners’ photos and testimonials will be posted regularly. 

Construction Update!

Brooks Webb, Public Works Director, says things are moving slower than anticipated in the three-block area from Lewis to University. “Contractors are encountering a lot of conflicts. As they dig, they’re uncovering utilities, gas lines, and other things, so they have to move slowly.”

There will be a brief reprieve for next week’s celebrations, though. “We will have everything buttoned up for Jubilee Days. The road will be open. Then after the festivities, we’ll be back to work.”

This second phase of construction began in April and is estimated to be complete by October 2023. The project involves abandoning the old water main and installing a new one along the western side of the street. The project will include the replacement of the water main within Third Street between Lewis Street to Sheridan Street, moving from north to south. Additionally, water main repairs will be made at the Third Street and Fetterman Street intersections. 

Yesteryears of Historic Downtown Laramie Captured in Photos

Take a step into the past and discover the yesteryears of Laramie. Wyoming was one of the last states to join the Fifty Nifty, being number 44 in the Union. Laramie began its township journey in the 1860s, largely influenced by the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad and Fort Sanders.

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