Bruce Kulick said he was all in favor of Kiss continuing in an avatar format – but accused his former colleagues of “dropping the ball” in the way the plan was revealed.

After playing their last song at their farewell show in December, the musicians left the stage and a video revealed the band’s plans for a future as computer-generated characters.

In a new interview with Chaoszine (video below), Kulick emphasized his regret that the farewell concert hadn’t featured former members in a bigger way. “They really missed making a better feel-good evening for everyone… it was much closer to every night before,” he said.

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“And those who say, ‘Well, I saw you up on the screen…’ They’d been doing that for years where they’d have little things. So they didn’t feel it was important. I feel they missed an opportunity.”

He added that he was certain Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons had great respect for Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, himself and others who’d helped build the band’s legacy. But he continued: “They didn’t understand that that’s what you’re celebrating…

Kulick felt the message received was: “Wow, this current band made it through all this. And look at us with the with the multi-million dollar show. And now we’re going to show you the avatar.” He added: “I think that that was a big part of them dropping the ball in looking at the past.

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“I applaud them in thinking broad and big and future… I knew they would never want to [say], ‘Let’s start a TV show, find the best Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons.’ … There’s something, like, ‘Ewww’ for them to be a part of that or judge that. … To take them and then make them avatars, it totally made sense to me.”

Kulick had known for some time that he wouldn’t be invited to take part in the farewell show – so he found an interesting coincidence in the avatar video. “They said, ‘Good night. We are immortal.’ And then… the screen opens. But what do you hear first? My guitar playing ‘God Gave Rock ’N’ Roll To You’ – My big appearance! … [It] was their choice; the right song.

“So there you go. I’m a part of it. All the guitar parts are there, and I was like, ‘Whoa, this is really weird!’”

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