The late Keith Moon has been at rest for 46 years now. But his Who mate Roger Daltrey won't rest until he's made the biopic about the charismatic drummer that he's been working on for years.

In fact, as Daltrey  - who's in the midst of a solo tour of North America - tells UCR, the Moon project is still top of mind and in motion. "We have a script," the singer confirms. "We're checking out directors, trying to get the best available director, 'cause all the good ones are always working. I've got to find good people with the time to make this film. I want to get that made when I'm still alive to promote it, so that's taking up quite a lot of my time."

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Though Austin Powers and Wayne's World star Mike Myers was attached to the movie some years ago, Daltrey says he does not have a star yet, adding that, "You can't do that without a director, and I can't do the final draft of the script, 'cause that's something that gets worked out with the director so it fits together with his vision of how he'll shoot it.

"So (the director) is what we're waiting for, and we'll move forward from there." Daltrey has been watching other music biopics over the years, which he says have been instructive "about what I don't want to do. I've seen some of the others. I'm not trying to make that kind of biopic; I'm making a film."

Roger Daltrey is Performing Surprising Covers at His Solo Shows

Daltrey's short solo tour wraps up June 29 in suburban Chicago. The shows have been loaded with Who favorites and some deep tracks, as well as surprising covers of Pete Townshend solo hits and Creedence Clearwater Revival songs. Daltrey is also conducting Q&As for fans who submit questions before the show.

He and Townshend have both equivocated about the Who's future, however. "As far as I'm concerned, do we need another Who tour?" he told Billboard, but added that "I'll do it if Pete wants to do it, really wants to do it properly....I love him dearly. There's something special there, but it needs us both to be on fire and both wanting to be there. "

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