Spotify has a playlist for quite literally every occasion, and now the streaming service is going viral for its latest feature intended for life's more intimate moments.

How Does Spotify Make Custom Playlists?

Streaming giant Spotify is known for the custom playlists it creates for users. From the daily 'Daylist' to the annual 'Wrapped' feature, Spotify offers a wide variety of playlists based on a user's past listening habits-- that means Spotify gathers data from the music you're listening to and when you're listening to it to predict what kind of tunes might match your future moods.

What is Spotify's New "Intimate Mix" Playlist?

Spotify is now offering users a special playlist for... uh... knockin' boots that contains songs the streaming service believes its users will want to hear when they're ✨in the mood.✨

What Kind of Music Is on Spotify's "Intimate Mix?"

The cool thing about custom playlists is that they're different for every user-- that means one person's "Intimate Mix" may feature slow jams while another's consists of hot and heavy rock and roll.


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How Do I Find My Spotify "Intimate Mix?"

Getting lucky with your "Intimate Mix" is easy. All you have to do is:

  • Log on to Spotify or open the Spotify app
  • Head to the search bar
  • Type in "Intimate Mix"
  • Enjoy

Is Every User's Spotify "Intimate Mix" Accurate?

What's the best thing about this new playlist feature? Let's be completely honest here: it's often hilarious how far off the mark Spotify's "Intimate Mixes" really are. Sharing your whacky "Intimate Mix" has gone viral on TikTok.

Did You Know Spotify Offers Even More Special Mixes?

You're not limited to life's intimate moments on Spotify; the streaming service also creates custom Sensual, Passionate, and even 'Late Night Love' playlists for users.

If anyone needs us we'll be figuring out how to get the whackiest Spotify mixes possible.

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