Apparently when you declare yourself the "king" of burgers you can just turn anything into a sandwich, with or without a burger.

Burger King has introduced a new sandwich in Thailand that is made for those who don't prefer the burger portion of their offerings.

No, it is not plant-based. It's also not a meat other than beef either.

Burger King is now offering The Real Cheese Burger throughout its locations in Thailand.

According to People, the burger isn't much of a burger at all. Instead, its a 20-slice stack of American cheese on a sesame seed bun.

The sandwich will set you back 109 Thai baht ($3.14) according to People's calculations. That is down from the price of a typical cheeseburger in the country which runs 380 Thai baht or $10.95.

On the surface, this seems like a marketing ploy. I mean, they're known as the BURGER KING!

Judging by the photos on Facebook coming out of Thailand, the cold stack of cheese on a bun has been a hit.

One Twitter user found the amount of cheese, which can be ordered hot or cold, to be a challenge

The Real Cheese Burger is available for a limited time in Thailand. No word yet on whether Burger King will begin offering this cheese stack on a bun in other regions.

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