Of all the artists who’ve yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Iron Maiden’s repeated snubbing may be the most egregious and contentious. According to frontman Bruce Dickinson, though, fans shouldn’t feel too bad about it since he doesn’t even want the designation anyway.

Speaking to The Telegraph in between shows in Prague late last month (but published on June 16), Dickinson didn’t sugarcoat his response to the fact that Iron Maiden weren’t one of the 2023 Rock Hall inductees:

We don’t give a monkey’s [ass] because the people that get us are not the people that run the music business establishment, whatever that is, because that is largely run by people that can’t make a living doing anything else. I don’t want to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Because we’re not dead yet! Some people feel almost actively threatened by metal. Not by the nature of the music. But by the fact that it doesn’t conform to their worldview of what pop music should be, which is: pop music is disposable, darling. Well: we don’t make disposable pop music.

Although they’ve been eligible since 2004, Iron Maiden have only been nominated twice: in 2021 and 2023. Naturally, fans – as well as industry writers and fellow rockers – immediately voiced their disapproval of the choice to reject Iron Maiden (and Soundgarden) once again.

Meanwhile, Rock Hall CEO Greg Harris explained to Audacy Check-In in May 2023: “We love that people . . . care if [Iron Maiden are] in or out, and that their fans care. The truth is anybody that’s nominated, the odds are good that they’ll eventually gonna get in. In fact, I think it may be as high as 90 percent eventually go in." Specifically, Harris continued, it took Rage Against the Machine about half a dozen attempts before they were inducted this year, “so sometimes it takes a while.”

At the time, we asked ChatGPT to describe why Iron Maiden weren’t included, to which it responded: “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has strict criteria for inductees, and the selection process is highly competitive. . . . It is worth noting, however, that induction into the Hall of Fame is not necessarily a reflection of an artist's talent, influence, or popularity, but rather a complex combination of various factors, including the opinions and decisions of the Hall's voting members."

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It's not like this is the first time Dickinson has rebuked the Rock Hall, either. Back in 2018, he told The Jerusalem Post that he “would never want to be there. If we’re ever inducted, I will refuse – they won’t bloody be having my corpse in there.” Clearly, his newest views are consistent with his past ones.

Plus, Iron Maiden haven’t exactly been wallowing in self-pity. Instead, they’ve been kicking butt on the Future Past tour, where they played “Alexander the Great” for the first time ever. They’ve now also got their own Monopoly game, “Monopoly: Iron Maiden Somewhere on Tour”!

So, how do you feel about Dickinson’s recent comments? Do his views change your feelings about Iron Maiden still not being in the RARHOF? Let us know!

Also, check out the remaining dates for the Future Past tour, and get your tickets here.

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