There are a lot of ways that fans show their admiration for their favorite musicians, and some of them are permanent. A Guns N' Roses fan in Italy recently told frontman Axl Rose that she named her son after him, and he had a wholesome reaction.

Guns played a show in Rome on July 8, and there's some videos and photos that have surfaced online of Rose interacting with fans while they were there. Someone shared a clip of the singer signing autographs for a group of people on the Guns N' Roses Reddit, which is when he was told by a woman that he inspired the name of her child.

"Axl, this is my son," the woman can be heard saying. "I've loved you since 1987."

Rose asked how to spell the woman's son's name for the autograph, in which she replied, "Axl." "Is it A-x-e-l?" he asked, but she told him it was spelled the same way as his. The singer turned to his team and showed them that the fan's son had the same name as him, and then gave the woman a hug.

A lot of fans reacted positively to the clip in the comment section, noting that the vocalist seems a lot happier when he's spotted in public now than when he used to appear.

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"People talk about how the '80s/'90s version of him was 'Peak Axl,' but to me Axl is the best he has ever been right now, in all the ways that matter as a human being living in the world with other human beings," one person wrote. "It's really inspiring to see him get to this point in his life, knowing how hard he must have worked on himself mentally to achieve it."

In addition to being shared on the Guns N' Roses Reddit page, the video was also posted on the Made Me Smile page on the website. See the aforementioned video at this location, and check out some other photos and clips of him with fans in Italy below.

GN'R have a handful of shows left in Europe over the next few weeks, then will hit the road in North America for another tour starting in early August. See all of the dates and who will support them here.

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