The wrestling season kicked off over the weekend with several events statewide and one of the bigger ones was the annual Charlie Lake Tournament in Cheyenne. Friday's session was a team duals event and Saturday was the individual tournament held at the Storey Gym. On the boy's side on Saturday,  Windsor, Colorado was 1st with 184 points, Cheyenne East 2nd with 175.5, and Rock Springs was 3rd with 136. Starting the season, the weight classifications have changed to be more in line with national standards. So they are: 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 144, 150, 157, 165, 175, 190, 215 and 285.  Here are the top Wyoming finishers for the boys on Saturday:

106 lbs.   Hudson Baker-Rawlins                   (1st)

113 lbs.   Sammy Sanchez-Cheyenne East  (2nd)

120 lbs.   Nathan Fish-LFL/Southeast            (1st)

126 lbs.   Wylee Wilson-Pinedale                   (1st)

132 lbs.   Kozad Porter-Cheyenne East          (1st)

138 lbs.   Zachary Covolo-Rawlins                  (4th)

144 lbs.   Kaleb Brothwell-LFL/Southeast       (2nd)

150 lbs.   William Alt-Kelly Walsh                     (1st)

157 lbs.   Liam Fox-Cheyenne East                 (1st)

165 lbs.   Trenten Hubbs-Laramie                    (2nd)

175 lbs.   Sam Thornhill-Rock Springs             (2nd)

190 lbs.   Colby Olson-Cheyenne East             (2nd)

215 lbs.   Ian Dickinson-Rock Springs              (1st)

285 lbs.   Charlie Green-Cheyenne East          (1st)

There was a large girls' contingent on the mats in Cheyenne over the weekend as the ladies' side of the sport is expected to have a big increase in participation. On Saturday, Kelly Walsh took 1st with 147 points, Pinedale was 2nd with 145, and Natrona 3rd with 115. Weight classifications for the girls are as follows: 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 155, 170, 190, and 235. Here's a rundown of the top Wyoming finishers from Saturday:

100 lbs.   Michelle Henman-Kelly Walsh          (2nd)

105 lbs.   Kaylea Mortensen-Pinedale              (1st)

110 lbs.   McKinzie Mortensen-Pinedale           (1st)

115 lbs.   Rebekah Anderson-Moorcroft            (1st)

120 lbs.   Kaiana Garlough-Cheyenne Central (2nd)

125 lbs.   Alexis Thompson-Pinedale                 (1st)

130 lbs.   Ariel Kumelos-Wheatland                   (1st)

135 lbs.   Mckenna Barham-Laramie                 (1st)

140 lbs.   Isabelle Muldowney-Kelly Walsh        (2nd)

145 lbs.   Skylee Gangwish-Kelly Walsh            (1st)

155 lbs.   Josie Hauck-LFL/Southeast               (1st)

170 lbs.   Sarah Eddy-Rock Springs                  (1st)

190 lbs.   Allee Swiger-Natrona                          (2nd)

235 lbs.   Katy Dexter-Pinedale                          (1st)

We also have a large collection of photos from Saturday's action from the Storey Gym and they can be found in our gallery below. Enjoy!

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Cheyenne Wrestling Tournament-2023

Cheyenne Wrestling Tournament-2023

Gallery Credit: Frank Gambino

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Cheyenne Wrestling Tournament