The annual Battle of the Big Horns wrestling tournament was just that. Big!  19 teams from Wyoming took part in the event in Worland with the boy's portion being a dual event and the girl's portion being a bracketed event, Here's how the boy's teams did.

Gold Bracket:

1. Rock Springs

2. Pinedale

3. Rawlins

4. Torrington

5. Cody

6. Douglas, SD

7. Kelly Walsh

8. Riverton

Silver Bracket:

1, Buffalo

2. Worland

3. Greybull/Riverside

4. Lander

5. Douglas, WY

6. Thermopolis

7. Glenrock

8. Lovell

Bronze Bracket

1. Powell

2. Shoshoni

3. Newcastle

4. Rocky Mountain

For the ladies, here's a list of the top finishers:

100-105 lbs:

Sabrina Genzler-Worland

Maelie Snell-Pinedale

Kaylea Mortensen-Pinedale

Zoey Keller-Shoshoni

Cerenity Quintana-Worland

Jaden Huffman-Douglas, SD

110 lbs:

McKenzie Mortensen-Pinedale

Lucy Ticknor-Glenrock

Hailey Wall-Worland

Charlotte Bair-Lovell

125 lbs.

Taylor Yazza-Douglas, SD

Brueklyn Truempler-Shoshoni

Rylee Anderson-Worland

Brynlee Roady-Worland

Rosie Smith-Lander

135 lbs:

Mya Swain-Pinedale

Brittany Phifer-Douglas, SD

Bri Liard-Rawlins

Emalee Von Eye-Douglas, SD

Tawny Bertolini-Greybull/Riverside

Paige Tongate-Rock Springs

140 lbs:

Elizabeth Holloway-Greybull/Riverside

Rebecca Herren-Rocky Mountain

Isabel Kuegeler-Riverton

Lacoda Kiser-Shoshoni

Malari Craig-Pinedale

145 lbs:

Abrianna Kiser-Shoshoni

Iree Hershey-Torrington

Bailey Mueller-Glenrock

Alicia Dexter-Pinedale

Gabby Dowling-Greybull/Riverside

170 lbs:

Ravyn Whitlow-Douglas, SD

Teagen Pickerd-Lander

Hali Witt-Rock Springs

Sammi Cesko-Rawlins

Ashton Hubbs-Cody

190 lbs:

Bailey Howe-Buffalo

Danika Harris-Glenrock

Rilynn McClure-Glenrock

235 lbs:

River Mangus-Lovell

Kaitlin Barral-Thermopolis

Katyana Dexter-Pinedale

Destiny Triplet-Douglas, SD

Fatima Mata-Pinedale

We have an extensive collection of photos of the Worland Tournament (with more to come) and they can be found in our gallery below.  Enjoy and look for someone you know.

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Worland Wrestling Tournament

Worland Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Frank Gambino, Erin Hager, Bridget Truempler

Photo Courtesy: Bridget Truempler
Photo Courtesy: Bridget Truempler