The 3A East Regional Wrestling Tournament in Torrington was a two-day extravaganza with boys and girls competition. The girl's field had 22 schools from all three classifications with Sheridan nipping Thunder Basin for 1st place 134-129. Cheyenne Central was 3rd with 126, Cheyenne East 4th with 111 and Campbell County 5th with 109. Here's a look at the top two finishers in each weight class for the ladies.

100 lbs.

1st Place - Caden Simianer of Upton
2nd Place - Trinity Warner of South

105 lbs.

1st Place - Trona Bates of Central
2nd Place - Allie Walker of Thunder Basin

110 lbs.

1st Place - Rebekah Anderson of Moorcroft
2nd Place - Ellie Bouzis of Campbell County

115 lbs.

1st Place - Aspen Henry of Thunder Basin
2nd Place - Kaiana Garlough of Central

120 lbs.

1st Place - Gillian Holman of Glenrock
2nd Place - Ryauna Nepomucceno of Cheyenne East

125 lbs.

1st Place - Rivers Carrell of Worland
2nd Place - Rylee Anderson of Worland

130 lbs.

1st Place - Ariel Kumelos of Wheatland
2nd Place - Carolina Rodriquez of Central

135 lbs.

1st Place - Paityn Colovo of Sheridan
2nd Place - Autumn Clark of Thunder Basin

140 lbs.

1st Place - Hallie Fuller of Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast
2nd Place - Trinity Morbeto of Thunder Basin

145 lbs

1st Place - Meadow King of Central
2nd Place - Delainie Munch of Hulett

155 lbs.

1st Place - Josie Houk of Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast
2nd Place - Kaelyn Ronnau of Cheyenne East

170 lbs.

1st Place - Bridgette Price of Sheridan
2nd Place - Harley Hunter of Campbell County

190 lbs.

1st Place - Becca Oetken of Sheridan
2nd Place - Gracin Goff of Cheyenne East

235 lbs.

1st Place - Aleah Marquez of Campbell County
2nd Place - Jada Bohm of Sheridan

In the boy's team race in this 3A East Regional, Rawlins looked impressive taking 1st place with 226 points. Torrington was 2nd with 148, Douglas 3rd with 146, Buffalo 4th with 133, and Worland 5th with 135 points. Here are the 1st and 2nd place finishers for each weight class for the guys.

106 lbs.

1st Place - Hudson Baker of Rawlins
2nd Place - Kade Garcia of Worland

113 lbs.

1st Place - Jace Griffiths of Rawlins
2nd Place - Ivan Garcia of Rawlins

120 lbs.

1st Place - Adrian Trujillo of Rawlins
2nd Place - Tyler Nicolay of Torrington

126 lbs.

1st Place - Blain Johnson of Douglas
2nd Place - Gabriel Trujillo of Rawlins

132 lbs.

1st Place - Zachary Covolo of Rawlins
2nd Place - Barrett Eichenberger of Torrington

138 lbs.

1st Place - Luke Ewing of Douglas
2nd Place - Ty Albaugh of Torrington

144 lbs.

1st Place - Brayden Torstenbo of Rawlins
2nd Place - Joeseph Connors of Buffalo

150 lbs.

1st Place - Brendan Woodard of Torrington
2nd Place - Cooper Sanchez of Burns/Pine Bluffs

157 lbs.

1st Place - Ezra Archuleta of Rawlins
2nd Place - Kash Lenzen of Douglas

165 lbs.

1st Place - Sage Lonn of Rawlins
2nd Place - Michael Tomich of Buffalo

175 lbs.

1st Place - Hazen Camino of Buffalo
2nd Place - Lane Rabel of Buffalo

190 lbs.

1st Place - Lance Rabel of Buffalo
2nd Place - Ethan Rabou of Buffalo

215 lbs.

1st Place - Tagr Holmes of Burns/Pine Bluffs
2nd Place - Ayden Underwood of Douglas

285 lbs.

1st Place - Daniel Lopez of Worland
2nd Place - Devlyn Cowan of Douglas

We have a collection of photos to share with you from this tournament in Torrington thanks to Erin Hager. You can find them in our gallery below. Enjoy!

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3A East Regional Wrestling Tournament

3A East Regional Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Erin Hager

Wyoming High School Wrestling
Photo Courtesy: Erin Hager

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