According to a a new rumor being circulated online, there will be three new Star Wars movies announced very soon, likely at next month’s Star Wars Celebration in London. While that’s what the rumors are saying, fans will really just have to wait for the event in early April to see if that’s actually how things go down. The whole sphere of potential Star Wars movies has gotten very complicated lately. While we haven’t had a major film release since 2019, multiple Disney+ series have been around to fill the void.

Multiple outlets have stated that two projects which were previously thought to have entered production are on the chopping block. Those two films are Kevin Feige’s unnamed project, and Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron. That being said, two other Star Wars films are confirmed to be in their beginning phases, and no news has come out about any sort of cancellation. Those movies are an unnamed film directed by Thor: Love and Thunder’s Taika Waititi, and an unnamed film set to be directed by Ms. Marvel’s Sharmeed Obaid-Chinoy.

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While those two movies and a surprise third entry could be the films that are set to be announced, that also may not be the case. It could also be that there's a whole new trilogy on its way. Whether or not that trilogy would end up following the Skywalkers yet again is anyone's guess.

On his Hot Mic podcast, Jeff Sneider also alluded to the fact that the current head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, could find herself in a tough spot if she doesn’t manage to deliver another Star Wars film in a pretty short time frame. To complicate matters even further, Bob Iger recently released a statement expressing the sentiment that they really wanted to be sure they were putting out the right stories. Rather than saturating the market with constant one-offs, it would make more sense to put a trilogy together. It’s just that if that’s truly the intention here, making Kennedy rush to put another entry out doesn’t seem like the best move.

“[The Sharmeed Obaid-Chinoy movie] is a big movie, not just for Star Wars, but for Kathleen Kennedy herself,” Sneider said. “So, I’m told that Kathleen Kennedy’s whole job depends on having a movie in theaters on Christmas Day 2025. If there’s no movie on Christmas Day 2025, there’s no job.”

This year’s Star Wars Celebration takes place on April 7 to 10 in London.

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