You can tell it's bear season in Colorado when reports of bears shutting down areas in Colorado start popping up. Part of CU Boulder's campus on Tuesday after a bear sighting happened in the area.

CU Boulder Police Department Tweeted out a warning at approximately 12:15 p.m. that the sidewalk at the southeast corner of the University Medical Center from Euclid to the Broadway underpass was closed off due to a bear in the area.

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Minutes later CU Boulder Police expanded the closures area at the Univeristy Medical Center South Terrace entrance and the Vendor Services area while the bear was in a tree.

At approximately 2:30 p.m., CU Boulder Police reported that the bear had been relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and that there was no longer a public safety concern for citizens in the area.

CU Boulder has had its fair share of bear sightings over the years on the campus as it is in such close proximity to the mountains. The University of Colorado says to call 911 immediately if a bear is spotted on campus. Those in the area should stand still, say calm, and let the bear identify you and leave. If a bear is spotted on campus, be sure to talk in a normal tone of voice and make sure the bear has a route to escape. If bear cubs are spotted, you should leave the area immediately as the mother is normally close by.

Source: CU Boulder Police Twitter 

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