Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning on the east side of Interstate 25, looking out your window, and seeing something out of the ordinary. That is precisely what happened in Johnstown, Colorado, this past weekend.

A moose was spotted in the area and residents were quick to inform their neighbors about the giant animal roaming around the area. The moose sighing was posted on Facebook in the Milliken/Johnstown Discussion Group on Sunday morning.

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Moose loose in Johnstown this morning! Just saw them in my front yard!!! Johnstown Farms - careful letting the pups out .
If anyone has any pictures, pls share them! I couldn’t get a photo from my window in time bc the dogs were panicking

Kylie Mason-Pursell posted in the Facebook group at 7:12 a.m. on Sunday. Connie Lowderback posted photos of the moose in what appears to be her backyard.
Connie Lowderback via Facebook
Connie Lowderback via Facebook

Even though the moose is large, it appears to be a calf, as full-grown adult moose are approximately six feet tall from hoof to shoulder and can weigh well over 1,000 pounds.

The original post was updated a short while after saying that there were three police cars attempting to wrangle the moose. Currently, there is no other information pertaining to the capture of the wandering moose in Johnstown, Colorado.

Moose Safety in Colorado

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, moose have very few natural enemies in the wild and do not fear humans as much as other species. Moose can be quite aggressive if provoked, so your best course of action is to avoid the animal at all costs. To learn more about the dangers of moose, visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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