It's not every day you see a Denver Broncos player mosey into a restaurant. It's even rare to be the one that serves a Denver Broncos player their food too. When a player does come into the restaurant and you are serving them, you better be on your A game too.  A waitress at a Colorado Waffle House got hooked up with a gigantic tip after a Denver Broncos player stopped in for a visit. According to KDVR, Samantha Ramirez scored a $1,000 tip from the athlete.

Broncos player Justin Simmons and a few friends went into the Parker, Colorado, Waffle House and left $1,000 on the tip line.

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Simmons was the third-round draft pick for the Denver Broncos in 2016 and has been with the team for eight seasons. The star Safety played a big role in the Denver Broncos win over the Los Angeles Chargers this past Sunday with a strip sack on Easton Stick that led to a 16-yard loss for the Chargers.

The generosity that Simmons showed at the Parker, Colorado, Waffle House is truly incredible. However, I really do want to know what his go-to order is at Waffle House. Maybe I should send him a Tweet and see if he responds with what his favorite entree is.

Source: KDVR

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