A man is recovering from minor injuries caused by a mountain lion Saturday evening. The mountain lion clawed the man's head while he was sitting in an in-ground hot tub at approximately 8 p.m.

The cougar or mountain lion
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The incident took place at a rental home in a wooded subdivision approximately five miles west of Nathrop, Colorado. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the sustained four superficial scratches on the top of his head and near his right ear.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers responded to the scene and determined that the man's injuries are consistent with the claw marks of that of a mountain lion. The man told Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers that he and his wife were sitting in the in-ground hot tub when he felt something grab his head. That is when his wife started screaming and splashing water. She then grabbed a flashlight and shined it in the direction of the animal and identified it as a mountain lion.

The loud sounds and light made the mountain lion retreat about 20 feet from the hot tub. As the couple continued to scream at the mountain lion, it moved up the hill where the big cat crouched down and continued to watch the couple.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers searched for the mountain lion, but could not track it due to the freezing temperatures and frozen snow on the ground. Colorado Parks and Wildlife have set up a trap in hopes of catching the mountain lion.

This incident is the first reported mountain lion attack on a human in over a year in the state of Colorado and is the 24th mountain lion attack that has resulted in injury to a human since 1990 in the state.

Warnings and notifications have been sent to residents in the surrounding area to be on alert due to the incident and mountain lion sighting. More information on the incident and how to avoid mountain lions in the state of Colorado can be found at Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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