I was at the 83rd Annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis last week getting ready for my broadcast when I looked across the street to the Budweiser tent. In the past this booth was always hopping. Motorcycle riders and a cold Budweiser or Bud Light have always been a nice partnership.

But it appears that ship has sailed.

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The iconic beer brand's tent was completely empty. Three miles to the east, in the famous Buffalo Chip, it was the same story. I felt bad for the workers at the tent. I know they had nothing to do with the decision to let a trans-influencer promote their brand but here we are.

Check out the videos below who also noticed the less-than-stellar crowds around the Budweiser tents.

Wow. Ouch. Some of the comments that followed the CycleDrag post say it all.

@mackme1465 ~ "The message is clear and strong. We do not WOKE shoved down our throats."

@georgemalley6414 ~ When the CEO of a Corporation comes and clearly tells you that they don't need you anymore, you grant them that wish. Never in my house again."

@000distructzero ~ "Whoever approved the release of New Coke is officially off the hook as the goof who made the biggest marketing blunder in history."

@stephencostello3174 ~ "That is so sad. I grew up drinking Budweiser. I think these companies trying to push their agenda, trying to shove 1% down our throat is killing this country. Never thought I'd see America not drinking Bud. And here we are."

“Take a look, Sturgis is absolutely jam-packed. The Harley tent is packed. The BMW tent is packed, but Budweiser [is] having a tough go. There must be a whole lot of beer left over in there. I don’t know what to say.”

Budweiser has a tough road ahead of them to right the ship in the marketing department. Sales have plummeted, their stock has been downgraded, and people are not exactly flocking to the store shelves to get it.

This may just be the biggest lesson in major brand management in the history of history.

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