For the record, you are not allowed to bring chewing gum into the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

But as you know, making a rule is one thing, enforcing it is another.

It was time to clean the old amphitheater, and volunteers scraped 50 pounds of gum from under the seats.

"The benches look so amazing and clean!!!" (Friends of Red Rock, Facebook post).

Hold on, 50 POUNDS?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a beautifully naturally formed outdoor venue just a little west of Denver, Colorado.

Its acoustics are near perfect.

Concertgoers can enjoy hiking trails.

The volunteer group called “Preserve the Magic of Red Rocks," has been working to spruce up the park that is showing some wear and tear from all the human activity.

They have been picking up trash, clearing trails, and repairing damage.

attachment-Friends Of Red Rock Ampitheater FB page

About that gum problem...

“Gum is not even permitted inside the amphitheater, but how do you prevent that? People have it in their purses, in their pockets,” Pia Valeriana, a volunteer with the group told KDVR. “We hope that people will chew responsibly and put it in a paper and not to stick it under the seats.”

Just imagine how many people it would take to chew 50 lbs of gum, and they all wanted to dispose of it in the same place.

“It’s disrespectful of this natural wonder we want to preserve in its most pristine way,” Valeriana said. “We just want people to be aware, and don’t take this place for granted. This is a unique place.”

She's right but I don't think those gum-chewing rebels care.

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