Tourist season will soon be upon us.

That means it's time to play every Wyomingite's favorite game:


This game makes for great family fun and also drinking games for you and your buddies down at the local saloon.

Just keep an eye, and ear, to your local news and start filling out the card.

Yes, we are making fun of other people's pain. We don't think it's a bad thing.

attachment-Yellowstone bingo card 2

Each item on the card is based on something that really happened in Yellowstone National Park.

Actually, these things happen several times a year, so you know it's going to happen again.

The Yellowstone Bingo Card also makes for great office pool fun and drinking games.

You can spice the game up by giving extra points to whoever can guess when something will happen.

Can you guess what state or region of the country the tourist was from?

This game is free to play.

attachment-Yellowstone tourist with death wish

Just save the above picture to your phone, or print it out if you are old school and like carrying around a paper version.

Save news stories as proof of what you have marked off on the card.

My number one pick is "BUFFALO TOSSES MAN".

This is more fun for people in Wyoming than March Madness brackets.

Plus, this bingo game lasts all summer, unless we get some really stupid tourists early on.

Be sure to call your local radio station when you hit BINGO!

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