Where the heck is Wamsutter, Wyoming?

Just west of Rawlins on Interstate 80.

It's a small town.

Blink and you'll miss it.

Much like the story of Hanna Wyoming, Wamsutter is trying to dig out.

The snow is high and heavy.

The vehicles that are big enough to dig out other vehicles are getting stuck while trying to dig out those other vehicles.

These are the towns that know, winter in Wyoming means stock up.

Also, be ready with a source of energy.

Don't trust those powerlines to hold up during the worst that Wyoming weather has to offer.


The Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office posted these photos, showing how deep the snow is out there near Wamsutter.

Crooks-Gap Road north of Wamsutter. It took a blade to bust through. (Sweatwater County Sheriff's Office).

The good news is, they are making headway.

The bad news is that wind is forecasted later Friday through Sunday.

That's going to blow a lot of that snow that has been moved right back to where it started from.

At least it will give a little time for locals to get out and restock before the next round of blowing snow hits them.

Then comes next week.

More wind, more snow, more nasty cold temperatures.

But most of the people in that part of Wyoming have lived this way for generations. They know the drill.


People out in that part of the country just take it all in stride and work through it.

Move south?

Are you kidding?

They love it out there.

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